What's new in kbasemarket.com
Itโ€™s the first Boutique Marketplace in Binance Smart Chain. Why Binance? Because it is fast, it will allow the Artists to mint for very cheap and it is supported by Binance, a real giant in the crypto world.
All listing and all the transactions will happen in Wrapped BNB, and you will see that KBASE can now offer many categories to our users. As of now, you see KBase and Salvador Dalรญ Challenge. In the future we will have more categories that will allow our artists to create special collections. We will talk to the artists and learn what they like to create and make new categories for them that will attract more buyers, as collectors are now more and more sophisticated and are looking for specific kinds of artworks, collectibles, music and so onโ€ฆ
Type will allow a pre selection of the kind of artwork upon creating and minting: still artworks, videos, Gifs and music will have their own space in Kbase.
A powerful search function will allow artists and collectors to be found in a few seconds to help buyers find their favorite artist.
Create NFTs will allow our artists to mint NFTs in a matter of seconds and with very cheap gas cost. Binance Smart Chain is the best possible solution for artists that are willing to mint and not only upload artworks like it happens in ETH chain. The description of the artwork is complete and allow a lot of interaction of the artists with the title of the artwork and its description.
Whether you are an Artist selling his creation, or a Collector that wants to put on sale a piece from his collection, clicking Put NFT on Sale will allow to offer the artworks on auction or at a fixed price.
Remember, on KBASE BSC everything happens on the blockchain, so nothing can be really canceled. You can redo, but all will be stored on the blockchain forever, to the maximum guarantee of decentralization and freedom.
We are really proud of our Profile Function. It is great and will allow the artists and the collectors to create a real personal unique space where they can show all their creativity and enjoy their artworks. Sharing all of this on social media is easy and effective. Create a profile and see how good this is!
Help will grow overtime. Please, let us know if you think we need to add more to the Help function, we will try our best to use the experience of our Users to make life easier for everyone.
We will be happy to add our verification to the artists that will be happy to work here and that will show they are real professionals and not only one time minters.
Donโ€™t forget to visit K-Base.art our website where we follow artists, collectors and special opportunities with our KBase Team of art lovers.
We are looking forward to seeing you here with your beautiful artworks.
Kollector and the KBase Team.
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