KBase Marketplace

How to use KBase in 10 simple steps
How to use KBase BSC
All the artists and collectors that were in KBase ETH are in our Database, follow those simple steps to enjoy the new marketplace. All the new artists and collectors can go directly to Profile and register connecting their wallet.
1. Add BSC Chain to your wallet (see the second Help message to learn how to)
2. Buy some BNB to pay the Gas fees (very very cheap in BSC)
3. Now, you can connect your Metamask to Kbase BSC, use the same wallet you have been using on KBase ETH
4. Go to Profile function and edit your profile: the profile here has many options. Enjoy them all!
5. Now you can mint all your artworks directly at Create NFTs function
6. Please when minting choose the right category: KBase for the artworks, Dalí Challenge for Salvador Dalí inspired artworks
7. As in the KBase ETH artworks were not minted but only uploaded, now you can mint the same artworks for the first time on KBase BSC
8. Go to Put NFT For Sale and choose if you want to sell your artworks for a fixed price or put it on auction
9. The price will have to be in wrapped BNB
10. You will become a verified artists after uploading few artworks, if you were in Kbase ETh you will be immediately verified
Last modified 1yr ago